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The Samsung Galaxy A72 has a similar design to the Samsung Galaxy A52. It comes in white black violet and blue, like a unit. We like Samsung's current pastel color Trend and the way that the camera island is smoothed out and blended with the back panel. It all looks rather cohesive in the hand. It feels smooth rubbery, and also slightly silky. This is a phone that we recommend trying out in person since we saw a bearing reaction to it in our office, the back in the frame are actually made of plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap. The buttons are nice and clicky to the a Sunday, to is both larger and heavier than the previous generation, but that's in part due to a larger battery as a whole, it's comfortable to use. We also appreciate the IP67 dust and water protections which isn't always a given on phones in this price range. On the front, there's a small centered whole bunch. The bezels aren't that, then it's made ever seen, but they're all right, the glass. You'll also find an optical under this one finger per meter. We actually prefer these to the ultrasonic module on, Samsungs flagships as a whole. This one was very consistent though. A touch sluggish, by today's standards the six point, seven inch, Super AMOLED panel has a full HD resolution and a 90 hurts refresh rate. It's a larger display than on the Samsung Galaxy A52 which might be one of the reasons to consider this phone over at sibling.

The screen is brighter than last year with Max Auto. So it should be very usable Outdoors. It has two profiles available Vivid, a natural greens. Were a little bit off, no matter what we tried though. The white Point itself was pretty much perfect, still the Vivid mode looks great. Unfortunately, there's no HDR video support here. But at least there's widevine L1 support. So you're good for streaming HD content. The 91st refresh rate is what is considered to be an entry level high refresh rate these days. Still, the extra smoothness is obviously scrolling. There's no adaptive. Refresh rate handling, and you will only find the option of using it in either 60 hertz or the 90 hurts mode most apps actually take advantage of the higher refresh rate. This phone, however, is not smart enough to drop the refresh rate, the

Even battery life when you playing the video. So if you're planning on a long Netflix session, better switch manually, 260 yards to save on battery. You can also get 90 hurt, some games that are simple and light, though, the phone might struggle to do that with heavier titles. The Samsung Galaxy A72 has expandable storage things to a hybrid card tray. And it comes with either 128 or 256 gigabytes of Bay Storage. On the bottom of the phone, you'll find a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a bottom-firing speaker. It's a stereo speaker setup, which should just be industry standard at this point. It uses the earpiece as a second Channel and the acmg to had a good loudness score in our tests.

The phone has a good set of audio options to Dolby. Atmos allows you to choose optimized profiles for movies music and voice along with an automatic option that switches depending on the situation.

The Samsung Galaxy A72 has a 5,000 MAH battery, and it got very good endurance. Score of 100 17 hours in our tests with web test set at 90 Hertz and video test set at 60, hertz with a 60 hertz mode. It got as much as one hundred Twenty-One hours. As for charging the 25-watt charger, got the phone from zero to fifty-four percent in half an hour, and a full charge took an hour and 15 minutes. This is a pretty similar results of other galaxies devices like the S21 family and the no 20 phones, the Samsung Galaxy A72 Sports, a Snapdragon 720 G, and either six or eight gigs of RAM. The chips that choose is a bit weaker than it should be given the phone's price range. It makes you want to take a look at competitors, like the pope with three, the wonderful snored or even the

Oxy and 51 all the same. It holds its own firm Upstate to day tasks. Like gaming and 4K video capture on both the Old troy'd and Main cameras, that's good enough for what it is, but we still wish Samsung had gone for something more powerful. You should know that Samsung is committed to delivering three major OS updates and four years of security patches. So the phone should have good longevity at the moment. The Samsung Galaxy A72 Sports Android 11 with one. Ey 3.1 on top though. There aren't a lot of differences between 1 U Y3. Point, O and 2.5. The default lock screen shortcuts are now monochrome and the law. Screen has a well-being widget. So you can see how much time you spend on your phone. Personally. I'm worried of saying that information constantly, but I digress. The you I also has more simplified always-on display settings in comparison to before though. There are no shortage of actual options. When you pull down the notification shade, it now covers the entire screen underneath from there. You can edit quick toggles directly by the plus button. Instead of hunting through the options in the menu. There are more refined oils media controls to found right below the quick toggles.

A notification history is accessible from the settings menu just in case you dismiss a notification too quickly and want to see what it's about. Thanks to Android 11. You will have better permissions handily and you'll find Bubbles as an extension of the conversion feature. The settings menu has also had a design change. Recent searches are shown as bubbles instead of a list and you can now search for settings by using hashtags, which saves you from hunting, endlessly through the menu. Other than that, you'll find Samsung Classic Edge panels Bixby and the game launcher. Sadly. There are no Samsung decks for the mid-range yet though. You can get some of the functionality from the link to the Windows feature. Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy A72 has a quad-camera setup. It has these 64, megapixel main cameras with OAS and 8-megapixel telephoto camera with OES and a native three times Zoom. A 12 megapixel will trade camera and a 5 megapixel Nikon camera during the day shots are Dependable but not spectacular. The dynamic range is wide for the class and we like the Lively colors. If you zoom in with his hello camera, you'll get good skills in good light conditions. There's a little noise and there were plenty of detail colors are often cooler than on the main camera. You can zoom in further and if you zoom in 10 times, you actually still have usable shots. There are some over-sharpening artifacts though, and you'll see more of them. The further in you zoom. The ultra-wide camera captures. Solid Stills for the class. The photos are nice colors. Here were also cooler than on the main camera, and we're actually closer to what the Telecom captured software Distortion correction, work both to. And as a whole, it's worth using. Unless you're after that Barrel Distortion looking particular.

Like photos are above average for the class. The reason perhaps is that the cameras saw Optimizer would often trigger an auto night mode on any of the three cameras. So we got very good low-light, photos out of the main Camp noise is kept at Bay better than on the Samsung Galaxy A52 in. The colors are quite good. But under Grange is wider than most, and the Highlight rendition was exemplary turning on the dedicated night mode, doesn't improve anything. On the contrary. It takes a longer time to take a photo and the images are corrupt, 12 megapixels. So the field of view is not as wide and while

Does brighten up the Shadows marginally, the highlights are clearly clipped in comparison to the auto mode. Overall. We would recommend that you stick to the auto mode for low-light shots. The new chemical look well and break two photos. Look better than cropping and you'll see in detail and sharpness. The only night mode helps all about here as well. Zoom any

They're in the quality nosedives, especially if you shoot anything beyond 10 times Zoom, but that's understandable. Finally, the Old, Troy produced very decent shots for its class. Thanks to the Autumn night mode. Be capturing some nice, little light images with these details saturated colors and a good dynamic range. Portraits are okay, but far from perfect, the subject separation and background blur are done very well, but we had issues with Focus. Hardly. Any of the faces came out in Focus whereas non-human subjects, look tap shark. Macro shots are impressive for the class. The focus plane is wide and forgiving and shots came out. Nice and detailed selfies are taken with a 32-megapixel camera in the punch. Hold they have solid quality and have plenty of detail and not too much noise. So there's no autofocus. The camera had a forgivingly wide Focus plan. The Samsung Galaxy A72 can shoot footage of the 4K at 30fps and all of its cameras. Well besides the macro one, of course, footage taken with the main camera was balanced and had mature processing. There's plenty of detail ending wide enough dynamic range. We didn't see much noise and everything looks sharp footage with the old. Sure. I'd had a bit narrower dynamic range but still looks quite good. Once again, be able to avoid High cooler colors. Then amazed Snapper, It's all photo, I had great detail at 4K. Dynamic range is good.

So the level of detail overall great performance for a mid-range telephoto stabilization Works in all three cameras at full HD though on The main camera. It has some stabilization already still. The super steady mode. Is a bit of a step up then you'll have to decide if it's worth it. Extra crop of the field of view. The Samsung Galaxy A72 is a unique phone in the pack. Mid-range. We like the display. The stereo speaker is the Ingress Protection and the large battery, the cameras over style and the promise of three major. IOS updates isn't one to ignore. It would have been nice to see a 120. Refresh rate instead of 90 and we wish that the color consistency across all three cameras are better. Although sometimes even more expensive phones struggle with this, where the phone really falters in my mind is the chipset. And that's because it's a much weaker chips that been many competitors still. If you're after a mid-range ER with a high refresh rate screen, IP protection until a camera and you're not a power user, then we definitely recommend this one.

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