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Here we are talking about the regular Samsung Galaxy A22 the 4G LTE model, not the 5G version of the phone that device is different and actually a bit worse. But this regular Samsung Galaxy A22 packs, all the right features and all the right specs for the right price. Now, it's not a perfect phone by any means. And in fact, if you aren't specifically, Looking for a Samsung device. There are other brands out there with better devices and this one for the price. But for a Samsung specific budget tear 2021 device. I think this is the one to get price-wise phone. Samsung A22 Price in Bangladesh about 20,999 Taka right.

It's, of course, going to have the usual compromises with the design and form factor that's associated with that distinction. However, I still think it's a pretty good-looking phone with no major design flaws upfront. You can do a large 6.4-inch display and actually, with the other Samsung devices pushing 6.6 even inches this A22 feels comfortable. I don't want to stay small because it's really not, but I do think this is a perfect size for even one-handed use while still offering plenty of screen real estate. You have a U-shaped camera, Notch up top noticeable, chin across the bottom, but still an 84% screen to body ratio, and I don't have any real complaints. It's about what I expected around back. Then, a 22 is made from the usual plastic material. That's basically all Samsung offers now, but this

Fit and finish is different from the matte plastic. We often see nowadays. Instead, you get a shiny glossy material here. That's sort of similar to the a series of years passed and while I didn't mind it at first. I have noticed, some light scratches come through now and it's a losing battle with fingerprints and smudges all in all, if I had the option. I would have preferred the matte plastic build you get on the other series and S Series phones over this, but it's not a huge deal. And one more thing to note. It should Not come as a surprise, but no wireless charging or waterproofing. Here. You do get some other Hardware add-ons. You might want though. You've got an SD card slot, which I think a lot of people will utilize. There's a headphone jack at the bottom, still just one single downward speaker, but it's plenty loud. And on the side, the power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor. This is the setup. I personally prefer over an in-display reader and in my experience. This thing has been lightning-fast and totally flawless. I almost never see the lock screen when

Take this phone up and that's exactly how I like it. Things are a tad slower with face on lock. But while I have that setup, I don't ever have to really utilize it. The fast fingerprint sensor is the way to go. So with all the basics out of the way. Let's talk about a few things. This phone does well, and the first is that it offers a really solid display others to pros and one con with a viewing experience, and I think you'll need to weigh the importance of each based on what you personally prefer the 822 offers a Super AMOLED. Panel to start, which is great. It's bold. It's bright. It's really colorful. And this takes me back to the a series of a couple of years ago, that were crazy good values. Also, with OLED displays much of the same here again, and that can't really be said about some other 2021, a series phones. The display is also High refresh rate 90 Hertz panel. So you get that fast Ultra-responsive feel with everything you do on the phone. And nowadays. This is the future. I know I can't live without these two features alone.

The appreciate but the kicker is that for the resolution. It's 1600 by 720 display packing in just 274 pixels per inch. It's not crazy high for a screen, this big with that. I think you're going to be able to tell if this is not the sharpest. Looking display. You can pick out all those pixels, especially with reading text on screen and I think that's what's holding us back from being a perfect display setup. Like I said, you'll need to decide how those three things come into play with what you You need for your viewing experience. For me. I can look past the lower resolution simply because Refresh rate and AMOLED panel, or what? I personally prefer, I'm much happier with those two aspects versus forfeiting. Either one, for a 1080p screen inside. This phone is powered by The mediatek. Helio GA T processor and the choice of either four or six gigs of RAM. Mine has six gigs and I do think that's the option. You should go with to if you have the choice with that combination. My experience using this phone has been surprisingly good and I haven't found anything yet that this phone. Has had trouble doing here at the geek bench scores for you to compare against some other devices if you want, but in real-world use, this one is not only great with the easy everyday stuff. But it can also game just fine too. Now. There is one consideration here. You get Samsung's one you like or which means on the software side of things. There's some stuff you might Notice missing snow. Smartview no-knock security. No NFC either, but honestly, I've never been bothered by one. You ichor limitations because it's not like anything too important is really missing.

The user experience is the same overall. And for me personally, my day-to-day usage hasn't been impacted by the small limitations. When you, I Corps has now specifically for gaming and other more intense Graphics, heavy stuff. I consider this MediaTek processor inside to be really quite good. It's a relatively new sort of mid-level chipset. Not even a year old. And in-game performance is solid, I'd say, 95% of the time. The initial launch and load times for each app aren't too bad, either. I took that up to going with 6GB of RAM as well. I've almost always considered that to be the sort of minimum threshold to really enjoy playing games and multitasking quickly switching through all the apps that stay current. And for me, the performance on this phone, that combination of internals has been great. It's better than expected and it's able to handle anything you throw at it. Also, the five thousand milliamp battery inside. This thing pushes me past 15 or 16 hours of screen.

On-time, under normal usage, with some gaming thrown in for me. That's well above average and that big battery can even last you 2 full days on a single charge if you're not a particularly heavy user. So that's a great battery. Life is a big plus and you've really got a device here that's in it. For the long haul, the downside is that with just 15 watts, Max, charging speeds. The phone is going to take more than 2 hours to fully charge from 0%, which isn't a big deal if you're doing it at night, but if you're on the go, you're kind of going to be stuck. Cattle wall outlet for a while. I know it's one of the pitfalls of a phone at this price range. It's not a surprise. But at the same time, I think we're at a point. Now where even sub-three hundred dollar phones should be offering, faster, more powerful, charging setups. So, out of everything. So far. That's probably the only slight - the overall performance and usage and internal specs. What? Probably surprised me most about this phone out of everything. Though is its camera capabilities and in one sentence, it shouldn't be too surprising.

Is I know Samsung has put more effort into their cameras on these budget phones than probably anything else, but I can confidently say this. Phone does outshoot a lot of other 200 to 400 dollar devices like the 1 + Norton, 200 for example, and especially anything from Motorola hardware-wise. There's a 48 megapixel main lens. An 8-megapixel ultra-wide 2 megapixels macro and 2-megapixel depth sensor. You could argue that only two or three of those lenses are actually useful but the setup is find all in all and this Elfi camera is pretty solid too. It's a 13-megapixel shooter capability-wise. I think we're past the days of Samsung offering barebone Basics with bud,get camera setups. So, you'll find everything you need here. And then some night mode and slo-motion hyperlapse, Panorama Pro controls and obviously, Macro for up close pictures. Not that I've ever used it wide-angle, portrait shots. And even though is for videos, which is particularly nice. The downside is that you're maxed out at 1080p 30fps.

A little better video capabilities would have been nice in practice the Samsung Galaxy A22 produces really great shots. There's a couple of things in particular that stood out to me, when I was shooting low light and night mode, pictures were fantastic, and I'd almost prefer to shoot at night with this phone because some of those scenes look better than similar shots in broad daylight night mode has often been a struggle on budget devices, but that's just not the case at all. Here, the wide-angle lens once again offers that dark. Her look with lost shadows and less detail compared to the standard lens, but I've seen this so many times now. Budget devices, I've come to expect it. I'm just glad the wide-angle lens is here and overall this home continues to offer the colorful saturated Punchy, sort of look that Samsung is basically known for it's not a complaint or even a net positive. Just something to mention and consider video-wise. Actually think the added OAS is a big plus here. Shaky jittery videos are sort of what we expect on some budget devices, but that's not really the case. Here, you get a little bit of movement, but it's pretty good.

I pretty much realized. There's just not much to complain about at all with this phone. It's a good solid device with all the basics and then some including stuff, like the AMOLED 90 hurts, too. Display and excellent camera setup that I think are particularly good for the price. The lower resolution on the display is probably the biggest Downer on this phone. But if that's the only thing you've still got a fantastic affordable Samsung smartphone here and it's the budget device. I'd recommend right Now if you're specifically looking at Samsung as your Own of choice, so there you go. Those are all my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy 822 4G LTE. What do you guys think about this device?

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